Time magazine had a cover article in the issue on October 9, 2006: “What Makes Us Difference (WMUD)?” It showed the latest gene comparative studies for explaining the evolutional relationship between chimps and man. You may check the contents of WMUD on the website of Time.com. I used the study of WMUD to quote a part of the contents and its arguments to analyze a traditional mistake of evolutionists, with an understandable logical analysis for the public. They apply the so-called “scientific formulas and diagrammatic decomposition method” to packaging philosophical conception of religion, because the theory of evolution itself is a religion, no proof but needs human belief to accept. Here, we expect you carefully think about the four questions.

monkmanThe first question: is there an essential difference between humans vs. chimps and humans vs. other animals? WMUD estimates that chimps and humans share between 98% and 99% of their genetic material. Thus, we may guess that the difference between humans and chimps with their genetic material is less than 10%. Furthermore, if we compare humans with “human faced” animals (such as lions, dogs, cats, and tigers, and so on; they have two eyes, a nose and two ears and one mouth), the difference of their genetic material is no more than 10%. Then, what is the difference between humans and chimps? And what is the difference between chimps and other animals? Truly speaking, the essential difference is that they belong to different species from their very beginning, and animals from different species cannot mate for reproducing their offspring. Here, geneticists encounter a big mystery what they do not know.

However, geneticists and anthropologists with their worldview based on evolution pointed out in the article of WMUD: monkeys can be trained and to imitate human actions, therefore that humans had evolved from the apes and monkeys. If we look at the performances of circus, not only trained monkeys, but also tigers, dogs, horses, bears, elephants and other animals can be trained to participate in circus performances. Speaking of monkeys, because their bodies are physically closer to humans, so they may imitate human actions more naturally. But that does not explain that monkeys are closer to humans than other animals, for in helping people’s lives, horses and cows do a great job, and dogs are human friends and are the most preferred pet for people to choose as their companion. In short, the differences between humans and chimps and between humans and other animals are the same: people are people, animals are animals; and every kind of animals follows their own kind from the very beginning of the animal world. Therefore, there is no evolution from one kind of animals towards another kind of animals.

The second question: since the human genetic structure is similar with that of chimps, why are there differences between human appearance and that of chimps? WMUD said, “Genes alone don’t dictate the differences between species; the changes, they now know, also depend on molecular switches that tell genes when and where to turn on and off.” Next, WMUD described a vivid metaphor: “It’s like having the blueprints for two different brick houses. The bricks are the same, but the results are very different.” Well, readers will understand that these same “bricks” are the genetic material to make the genetic structures of hands, feet, and bodies. And the scholars found that men and chimps are very similar according to this point. But most crucial of all is the secret of molecular switches, because they lie in the non-coding regions of the genome–once known dismissively as junk DNA but also are the subset of the dark matter known comprising some 3% to 4% of the genome. However, scholars fail to step into this forbidden field, because this is the most intelligent design made by the Creator.

By summarizing the function of molecular switches among human and animal genome, it looks like the simple principle of a computer for using circuit switch to carry on the complicated operations and to provide a wide range of processing functions, the molecular switches direct the gene to keep cell growth and metabolism. But sometimes because of the vague reasons, they give the wrong instructions, or cause a limb or organ to stop the growth so as to bring about fetal agenesis; or to lead to excessive growth. For example, they cause a fetus to have six fingers with one hand. The Bible recorded that a giant had six fingers with his each hand and each foot, so he had a total of 24 fingers (2 Samuel 21: 20). The ancient Chinese literature also had such records, a human head with a horn. We do not know if it looks like goat horn or ox horn? If you are interested, you may try to find out. This reminds us of that human bodies may have the phenomenon of differentiation. For example, the Book of Daniel (4:33) in the Bible recorded the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar was punished by God, so he ate grass just as a cow. But when he repented and acknowledged of the glory of God, he was restored with his humanity and monarchy. So that we should believe in God in charge of the secrets of the dark matter of a human body. He made Noah’s descendants adapted to the new environment with the relative changes of their physical conditions after Noah’s flood and during the great changes of the earth and heavens.

The third question: what is the true difference to cause human beings completely different from chimps? In other words, why people have a great difference from animals in terms of living contents and ideological contents, but both have little difference with their genes? Truly to say that many scientists, including biologists, cannot answer and study this kind of super mystery. The answer is from the first three chapters of the Book of Genesis in the Bible, told us that animals and the human body were made from dust. But God gave a special spirit and soul to humans, so that they may manage all animals, insects, and fish on the ground, in the sky, and in the water. Therefore, the mankind has wisdom, thoughts, creativity, emotions, conscience, morality, religions, and hope for the eternity; but chimps and other animals do not have those things. If the most powerful gorillas are given with human soul and spirit, they will form a super football team and bit all Star team of the United States upside-down, and they will be the world’s top champion team. Friends, if you want to understand the mysteries of the spiritual world, please click the article: Prevue Spirit and Soul.

It can be said that the human body is the carrier and the soul and spirit are the subject of life; and when a person has the integrity of spirit, soul, and body, he or she is a person in a whole meaning. In contrast, animals have their souls but do not have the spirit. If you do not believe that human beings have the spirit and soul, you should think about the experience of wolf child. When that child lived with wolves, he got the habits of the wolf, so his moving likes a wolf, his voice likes a wolf, and his emotion likes a wolf. After he returned to the human society, he slowly learned from human life and gradually discarded the habits of the wolf. Thus, we can see that human beings may have their acquired plasticity, which is the mystery associated with human souls. If let a group of wolves take care of a puppy, it will never learn the bark of wolves. We have talked about the king Nebuchadnezzar just as cattle grazing with a beast heart, cohabiting with wild ass (from the Bible, Daniel 5: 21). Here a beast heart means the differentiation of human souls. In addition, there are unclean spirits or known as demons or ghosts in the spiritual world; that strange phenomenon is the most common things among the ancient mysteries. In brief, when we recognize human soul and spirit, and know that the spiritual world controls the current world, we can uncover a series of the ancient mysteries.

The fourth question: how to carry on genetic and biological research? First, we should identify who is the general director of the theory of evolution; He is the true and everlasting God who created all things in the world and the mankind. He used the secret codes of molecular switches to make all kinds of animals looked alike but have an essential distinction, which means that they should follow their own kind to reproduce their offspring. So, it may be said that the theory of evolution came into being and has kept its development under the provision and direction of God, enabling those who regard themselves as wise people to be deceived by their clever. Therefore, we must understand the intelligent design and the purpose of God for creating humans and animals, and we should also totally believe in the Bible truth and then we may carry out the correct biological research.

Secondly, we need to understand the mistakes with time issues what evolutionists made in researching paleontology. WMUD also pointed out that “All of that depends in part on the accuracy of fossil dating and the reliability of using genetic variation as a clock. Guess both methods currently carry big margins of error.” Truly speaking, all of the means of measuring times which are invented on the basis of the theory of evolution are artificial and highly inaccurate, because of the mixed artificial parameters and assumptions; and researchers never know the complicated Nature and the great changes of snafu during the great flood in the time of Noah. Only when we refer to the timetable from the Bible, we can do a correct research on the ancient mysteries. If scholars cling so called unlimited time with the possibility of accidental, please click an article: How to correctly raise questions?

Also, we need to take the studies of DNA research on paleontology and the ancient peoples in order to detect some changes caused by human and animal genes during the great changes; and the best way is to dig out frozen human bodies and animal corpses in some frozen regions. People have excavated in Siberia and got a frozen mammoth; could they find out dinosaurs and the ancient people in that area? Of course, we may find astonishing new archaeological discoveries in froze zones of many parts of the world, such as Kunlun Mountains in China, frozen swamp areas within the Arctic Circle, and so on.

Finally, when we study the Neanderthals, we should think about the physical changes of human beings during and after the great flood of Noah. Maybe the Neanderthals were the mankind before Noah’s flood, they lived four or five thousand years ago and they had some physical features such as huge body, thick skull, big forehead and concave eye pit. Since the fossils of the Neanderthals were found in Europe, they also maybe were offspring from Shem, the son of Noah, because their faces look similar with some contemporary European nationalities.

In general, we take a dialogue with the mainstream media for you to hear different voices and to have your scope broaden, and so that you may join in our great discussion for exploring mysteries, pursuing the absolute truth of life, and then receiving the eternal life from the Lord Jesus.

H. Moses Sun wrote this article. The second edition in Chinese was published on July 28, 2007. The edition of translation was published on July 28, 2007.

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