Today when we read the Christian books, magazines and websites, we will see some Christian scholars expressed their interpretations of the book of Genesis in the Bible, but they often have some concepts of the theory of evolution in their integrations; for instance, how many million years of Earth’s age and the long history of mankind, and biological genetics and radioactive dating, and so on. Their views and purpose are to tone God’s power of creation in with evolutionism and various scientific theories so as to avoid the contradictions between them. In fact, they depart from the stance of the biblical truth and cater for secular viewpoints; just as some Christians and clergy agree with homosexuality which is disobeying to God’s teachings. Therefore, we hope Christian scholars should firstly think about the following three questions before they make their statements.

The first question is: Are you a born again Christian and have the salvation? If you are not but a religious believer, you only regard the truth of the Bible as a religious belief and a philosophy of life, for you have not renewed your life in Jesus the Lord. So your worldview still belong to the traditions, and you do not fear God and His almighty for creation; and as a result, they use worldly thinking to explain the Bible in order to meet the worldly people according to their own taste for understanding (in fact, it is misinterpreting) God’s teachings. Thus, their opinions cause people to pursue a religious belief instead of a faith in Jesus; therefore, many believers have no the light and salt of the Lord Jesus in their lives, and churches and congregations are lifeless and barren. Here, we invite you to the column of “New life in the Lord”, to pursue the truth and the life given by the Lord Jesus.
The second question is: Do you really believe in God’s almighty and creation? In the four books of Gospel, the Bible recorded the Lord Jesus used five loaves and two fish to feed five thousand men; where came from so many fish and loaves? Please think of the process: people want to eat loaves, they must make dough with flour which is from wheat or barley; those crops should be planted in cultivated land a year ago. But Lord Jesus made such a thing in a very short span of time rather than the needed a long period. This is the miraculous creation of God. Do you believe that? We often say that God created everything from nothing; but in fact, His creation is from something, because our eyes cannot see that “something”, of course we cannot truly understand the mysteries of God’s creation. With this reason, people have their own tiny smart to try to explain the ancient mysteries that they know nothing about; and they want to make a sound reasoning for their explanation, which resulted in their wrong perspectives upon the outcome and significance of the creation of God. Therefore, we explore God’s creation and the ancient mysteries only based on the Bible. For instance, God’s creation in six days, that time is the six days in realistically meaning, not six stages or six long periods. And when we induce and analyze the mysteries of God’s creation and His remaking the nature, we mainly explore the cause and effect associated with the ancient mysteries, and then people may know the true contents of the human history and their relations with God, and thereupon they can abandon evolutionism, atheism, and the wrong views of scientism, and then they will believe in Jesus the Lord and get the eternal new life.

The third question is: Do you have known about the great changes of the mankind and the nature during the great flood of Noah? This section of the history is the contents of the first 11 chapters of Genesis and most of Christians feel difficult to understand that part of the Bible. Therefore, if you do not understand those scriptures, you should admit what you do not understand and join hands with us to explore the ancient mysteries in that age. When we place the contents of the Bible into the human society and the nature of that time, to sum up and to analyze them in omnibearing view in order to put together all of clues, and then we may see and understand the mysteries recorded in the Bible and its authenticity in history, which will enable us to deepen our understanding and confidence in God. Friends, we expect that the website of can help you to enlarge your vision, and you may abandon the traditional wrong view, get the true wisdom from God, renew your life in the Lord Jesus, and bear good fruits of the abundant life to the glory of God.

H. Moses Sun wrote this article. The first edition in Chinese was published on June 26, 2007. The edition of translation was published on September 22, 2007.

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