From the earliest times to now, mankind has experienced an unfathomable number of deceptions. But everyone lies from an early age without the need of a teacher. Similarly everyone will be deceived. When they are greatly hurt by a lie, they might view it as the greatest fraud they ever experienced in their lifetime. However, for the whole of mankind, what is the greatest deception of all? Or in other words, what gave mankind the most damage? The answer is the hand in hand workings of evolutionism and atheism. These ideas have fooled many, causing them to lose sight of the meaning of life and then they lose the chance of the pursuit of eternal salvation.

First, the theory of evolution and atheism has misled people in believing that what is false is true; they have also turned the facts into myths. In the history of mankind, there have been many births and disappearances of religions. No one can count h ow many false gods human beings have worshiped. But even this cannot be labeled as the biggest deception of mankind. This is just because humans couldn’t find the true God, so they resolved with serving false idols made by humans. At the same time, in the coexistence of many religions those who born into religious families may view religion as a spiritual drug; and in the other hand, unbelievers may wonder which god is the true one. Therefore, religions may drop a hint onto people about a life after death or eternal life. This is comparable to a frog that views the sky from the bottom of the well. Even though those people haven’t seen the whole sky, they catch a glimpse of a little bit of it, for this reason they may have wrong ideas and beliefs. When religious believers jump out of their well of traditional worldviews and ponder the true meaning of life, they might, after using the help of the Bible, know the true God. But evolutionists and atheists insist that in the universe there isn’t an existence of a god. To them, humans and the rest of creation has just evolved through the billions of years. This is like telling the frog in the well that the sky doesn’t exist, and looking at your own reflection in the water is enough. This causes many people to never wonder about God’s existence and the mysteries of the spiritual world.

Second, evolutionism and atheism very easily enter human worldview so that people will unknowingly become believers of these theories. This is because a person’s worldview focuses on themselves as the center. Evolutionism and atheism is an invisible religion especially made for mankind’s conceitedness and selfishness. We say this is an invisible religion because there are no religious sites, rituals, or worship objects. However, the viewpoint of evolutionism and atheism is truly a religious belief for that people blindly follow and regard it as truth; so their object of worship is actually themselves. Since evolutionism was born, atheism found a great partner and began to attack the traditional faith of European Christians. This led to the changing of the political core to focus on humanism, and nation relationships based on strong nations conquering weak nations turned into a survival of the fittest which later led to the two world wars.

Third, evolutionism and atheism has been the catalyst of many historical deceptions. Before the birth of evolutionism, religions have always been at the core of human life and their cultures. Philosophy, politics, and religion were closely linked. However, under the influence of the Renaissance and Enlightment, evolutionism gradually replaced the influence of religion. Beginning from the education of students, evolutionism began to infiltrate all aspects of society. Therefore, evolutionism and atheism in various fields, especially the academic community, began to create fraudulent theories and conclusions such as the Big Bang theory, dinosaurs disappearing sixty five million years ago, people having the ability to create life, and so on. And people accept this deception with several reasons: first they have no way to verify the true situations of the ancient people and nature. Second, they like the exaggerated ideas about the great ability of man, because they have religious longing for a longer life. Third, mankind has viewed scientism as their own treasure, while evolutionism and atheism is at the core of scientism, so scientism has been dyed by a religious hue. Since some reasoning and conclusions made by famous scientists cannot be proven, the only thing for people to do is to take them for their words. Those, as mentioned early, are big deceptions.

Fourth, the theory of evolution and atheism is the silent killer of mankind. Since World War II, people talk about when the third world war will take place. Because of large amounts of nuclear weapons, the third world war will hold much more terror. If we understand Biblical truths, we will know that no matter with what kind of weapons it can only kill human body, but it can’t kill the soul and spirit. The life and death of human soul is only relevant to if they accept Jesus as their savior and begin a new life in Him. However, evolutionism and atheism have almost completely controlled the world’s media and education which everyday tell people that they can control the nature and may enjoy their lives today for there is no afterlife beyond their death. Therefore, millions of people have died in this deception, but they don’t view it as a lie but as common sense. And after the believers of evolutionism and atheism die, their souls will then acknowledge the mysteries of the spiritual world. But then it’ll be too late; this is the tragic fate of unspeakable remorse because they have been killed by their own beliefs. Also, the believers of evolutionism and atheism don’t even experience true happiness and peace in their life. All they become depraved in a moral corrupted society controlled by selfish humanism or become the victim of human sins.

In short, the fraud of evolutionism also affects many Christians because there are many of them who are also interested in scientism. So they accept the theory of evolution or compromise their beliefs with evolutionism. Therefore these people cannot completely accept the biblical revelation of God to humans; and their faith is not integrity. So they may be swayed by the world and are unable to love God with all their hearts. Friends, no matter if you believe in God or not, we EMTM invite you to read articles on this website, taking your thinking and seeking for the meaning of life to enlarge your view, so that you may understand the meaning and purpose of your life, and then believe Jesus and obtain eternal salvation while you are alive.

H. Moses Sun wrote this article. The first edition in Chinese was published on August 19, 2009. The edition of translation was published on August 29, 2009.

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