First, we should make a definition of stupidity: human stupidity means that people do not understand the true identity of themselves, but invented all sorts of philosophy and religions for self-deceiving. What is the true identity of the mankind?

The contents of this true identity include: God created human beings and gave them a special spirit and soul; people will face the judgment of God after their physical death. Friend, you may read all articles on our website and keep thinking why you do not believe the truth of the Bible. When you get a heart of humility and would like to pursue the eternal and holy life, you will get out of the death trap of stupidity, and then receive the true wisdom from God.

Here, as we know the definition of stupidity, then we also know that everyone may fall into the trap of stupidity; because when a baby is born, he or she cannot understand his or her true identity. However, people have chances to think, study, and search the mysteries of life and truth. During a lifetime, they will receive all kinds of influences and among them the influence of stupidity is so overwhelming and has a great impact on human life.

Therefore, when a baby comes into the world, he does not know the truth of that God created man and also does not understand the evolutionism about man coming from monkey. By comparison with animals, human beings, besides their instinct of living, have their curiosity, aesthetic tastes, and modeling behavior which are not relating to the instinct of living. Thus, people may use their basics of mentality to know their true identity. Here, from five aspects, let us talk about human stupidity and the possibility of getting out of this stupidity.

turnbackeThe first aspect: parents impact their children. By looking over the human history, the first accumulation of human knowledge happened inside families. Therefore, parents educated their kids, and passed their ideas and experience to their next generation. Then children got the influence from their parents upon their views of knowing and thinking. If parents believe in Jesus the Lord and tell their kids about the truth of the Bible, they may know their true identity from their childhood and break away from human stupidity. If parents do not believe the true God, but believe other religions or evolutionism and atheism, their children cannot be in touch with the truth of the Bible, but live and die within stupidity.

The second aspect: interpersonal relationship has certain impact on people. By comparison with animals, interpersonal relationship has so strong influence upon everybody. We never see a monkey doing suicide because of being humiliated by other monkeys. But we know people have all kinds of spiritual sufferings associated with interpersonal relationship. Therefore, a child gets influence not only from his parents, but also from classmates, teachers, relatives, neighbors, and including those who directly and indirectly associate with his parents. Since he grows up and involves more in society, he will receive much more influence from society than from his parents. If people have not met with friends, relatives, classmates, colleagues who believe in Jesus and got their influence, it is difficult for them to find a way of getting out of stupidity. So, the life is miserable when people cannot contact with the Gospel and the Bible among their interpersonal relationship.

The third aspect: the systems and contents of education have influence upon people. Today, the most systems and contents of education in human societies are under the control of evolutionism and atheism. Therefore, children are indoctrinated with the religious beliefs of atheism, materialism, and evolutionism from their early ages, and then those concepts become the backbone of their worldviews. When they encounter with the Bible and the Gospel, they may feel difficult to give up their traditional views for believing in Jesus.

The fourth aspect: the worldly trends impact on people. Now the human society are called as a village on the earth, because the high advanced internet, plus convenient transportation and vast channels of mass media, collect all kinds of information of the world and send to every town at the same time. Thus, all trends in term of lifestyles, views of value, entertainments, fashions, sensorial excitements, gossips, instant messages, games, gambling, and such psychological enjoyments, attack human brains, organs, and bodies. As a result, people are captured by the living goals of pursuing prosperity and enjoying it. Whether or not can they think about eternal life? However, people still have chance to meet the Bible and the biblical messages at the networks of world media or on Internet, just like you are visiting the website of EMTM and partake with us in searching the ancient mysteries and the eternal truth. You may doubt and do not believe, and leave with such an attitude. You see, your worldview plays a key role for leading you away from stupidity or not.

The fifth aspect: selfish worldviews impact people. Today when you heard or read the truth of the Bible, you reach the exit gate of the maze of stupidity. Then next step for you, willing or not to pulling and opening the door of eternal life. So at this moment, your worldview faces an important decision: would like to give up selfish old beings, admit that you are a sinner, like to accept Jesus as your Savior and Lord. Needless to say, most of peoples have no willing to give up their selfish old beings; because, no matter grow up in a Christian home or believe other religions or are atheists, they all live in selfish worldviews and are controlled by the lust of eyes, the lust of flesh, and the pride of the worldly life. Therefore, they prefer to live inside the dead trap of stupidity rather than to surrender to the truth of the Bible with a humble heart. Furthermore, being more miserable, some people are in their own conceit of opening the door of “eternal life”, but in fact, they opened a wrong door and entered another religious maze, for they become a false Christian without the new life. When Jesus comes again, they will be shut outside the door of the Heaven with those who do not believe, or wrongly believe, or falsely believe the Lord Jesus.

In conclusion, when we compare human beings with animals, we may find that animals do not need to know their identity and they do not invent such false identity. They live and die just according to the design and creation of God. However, everyone of the mankind must understand what human stupidity is and how they can get out of it. In general speaking, the process of each person becoming stupidity has almost no one simple step, since people are born into the world of stupidity. If they believe that they are the descendents of monkeys, they will totally fall deeply into the trap of stupidity and cannot jump out. Well, God uses the Bible to tell us the mysteries of the Heaven, and when you contact with the eternal truth, you maybe have the chance to get out of stupidity, just depending on your own choice.

Here, we list several options for your thinking. First, you should rethink, doubt, question, and negate the philosophical belief of evolutionism. Second, you should think, reason, and search the ancient mysteries. Third, you should study, research, and apply the truth of the Bible. Fourth, you should examine, analyze, and criticize the stupidity and sins of the mankind. Fifth, you should pursue, believe, and accept the eternal life given by Jesus the Lord.

H. Moses Sun wrote this article. The first edition in Chinese was published on July 2, 2006. The edition of translation was published on July 4, 2006.

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