In the circle of academic studies on dinosaurs, scholars have an inappropriate concept that dinosaurs reproduced themselves with laying eggs. Why did people come to this conclusion? The reason possibly related to the western people who first studied dinosaurs regarded dinosaur as terrible or great “lizard”; it is attributed to the reptile or reptiles (please see reference from the western encyclopedia). Therefore, they deduced that since lizards are animals of laying eggs and then dinosaurs may be the animals of laying eggs. Well, did dragons that were recorded by the ancient Chinese lay eggs?

If we read the ancient literature, we will discover that the Chinese ancestors’ studies on dragons are three or four thousand years early than the western people studied on dinosaurs! They called them as Flood Dragon, Long Serpent, Snake Dragon, and the like (please read Dinosaur Introduction). At that time, dinosaur families lived in warm swamp, rivers, and lakes, along with the hippos and elephants; and they are mostly mammals. If you do not believe so, please note the following logic analysis.

First, we should summarize what kind of animals lay eggs, and there are three main categories: the first are the birds which have wings (but excluding bats), including poultry such as chickens and ducks. As they leap or fly, their reproductive structures need the eggs of a small size and light to produce offspring. The second are snakes, lizards, and some kinds of reptiles. Since they crawl or affixed lying on the plants and on rock faces, their abdomen must keep touching them. Thus, they have to lay eggs only for keeping the balance of their bodies and actions. The third are fish and amphibian animals. Among them, some water animals are from oviparous, and some from breastfeeding, matching with their living habits.

Next, let us look at the characteristics of mammals. This is what they can have a potbellied pregnancy, because their bellies are away from the ground while they move with their legs. So most of mammals are land animals with strong four limbs of the body, and they can jump and run. In addition, the number of mammalian reproduction is far less than that of animals of lay eggs and of oviparous animals. It is probably because the mammals eat a lot, so God can control the kinds and the numbers of those animals through the mammalian reproductive characteristics and food structures. Therefore, we can do reasoning: some dinosaurs are mammals; some of them are animals of laying eggs. This depends on the relations between their reproductive structures and actions. There is a kind of dinosaurs called as Flying Dragon among the family of dinosaurs, and they certainly lay their eggs. The Chinese ancients used their own language to describe them: Phoenix, Large Bird, and Flying Dragon and so on.

Friends, when you see so called “dinosaur eggs” from books and photographs of websites, please ask a few questions: there are many huge animals in ancient times could lay big eggs, why they are dinosaur eggs? Did a giant dinosaur have a relationship with the eggs of a relative small size? Did those eggs belong to flying dinosaurs with wings?


Why do you have no doubt and believe what people say those are “dinosaur eggs”?

Evolutionists said that the extinction of dinosaurs happened in 65 million years ago, why the “dinosaur eggs” and the dinosaur fossils can be preserved in the long period with many natural changes?

The Chinese ancients give you what kind of inspiration with their written records?

Did Flying Dragon exist 4,000 years ago?

Please study mammals and animals of laying eggs, telling difference between both animals in terms of reproductive ways and lifestyles.

H. Moses Sun wrote this article. The first edition in Chinese was published on July 20, 2006. The edition of translation was published on August 13, 2007.

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