There are different views and opinions in the field of studying creationism, and two measures may tell those differences. First, God created the nature and the heavens in six days, how long each day is? The second, from Adam to today, how long the human history is?

Viewpoint One: each day of those six days for God’s creation is not the time length of a day, it may be a long time; just as one verse from the Bible: with the Lord a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years are like a day. And the human history is relatively long, ten thousand years or more than one hundred thousand years. Those who hold such views are evolutionists and use the views of the theory of evolution to explain God’s creation; some of them proclaim “Thiestic Evolutionism”, or expressing the viewpoints of “Progressive Creationism”. Those who advocate “Thiestic Evolutionism” though recognize the historic feature of the Bible, but they interpret Genesis with their regarding the scripture as metaphor, and think that Genesis with the literary genre expressed human responsibility and rebelling to God; and so it is not historical narratives. They also believe that God used the method of synthetic theory of evolution to create humans, and then used a supernatural way to create human souls; thus, they believe there is no conflict between Genesis and the theory of evolution. Those who hold “Progressive Creationism” are more conservative than those who believe in “Thiestic Evolutionism”, and they do not accept the full aspects of the synthetic theory of evolution. However, they do not totally depend on the Bible, but are willing to use the new discovery of science as a source of reference and believe that the geological age of the earth is a long time, in order to explain Genesis. So, they think that after God created the biological ancestors, they had experienced the process of a limited microevolution, and then they became the current species. Therefore, they advocate “Day-Age” and believe that it has no conflict with meanings of the scripture in the first chapter of Genesis. They think that “Progressive Creationism” is the theory which may maintain the integrity of the Bible and have no conflict with the scientific discovery at the same time.

Comment: the contents of Genesis of the Bible are true history and are not literary output, and even cannot be explained with human science. These are marvelous mysteries beyond human rational thinking. If we use the theory of evolution and the scientific perspective on God’s power and creation, the result is irrelevant. But their explanations sound reasonable for those who do not know the truth, yet they are wrong. Therefore, we use the website of to help the public understand the mistakes of evolutionism and scientism.

Viewpoint Two: each day of those six days for God’s creation is the length just for one day, but the human history is more than dozens of thousand years. Those who hold such a view are also under the influence of the theory of evolutionism and scientism; because evolutionists consider a very long history of the mankind. When they study the genealogy recorded in Bible, they bring up the different views to support their interpretation of Genesis with a scientific theory, for they still want to prove God’s mighty creation from the angle of human science.

Comment: People who hold this viewpoint pay more attention to the revelation of the Bible, but when they study the history from the context of the Bible, they do not use the inductive method for omnibearing studies, not even study the ancient mysteries from the angle of the marvelous changes of the human history and the nature during the times of Noah deluge. However, they use scientific methods to criticize the opinions of the evolutionism relating to the interpretation of the geological and biological evolution. This helps people to know the mistakes of evolutionism, but they do not criticize the mistakes of scientism; and that is exactly what they have their weaknesses, which may lead believers to recognize the scientific views and scientism (Big Bang theory, for example) and to doubt the inerrant Word of God.

Viewpoint Three: each day of those six days for God’s creation is the length just for one day, and the human history is about 6,000 years. Those who have such a view are called as Fiat Creationists. They oppose to evolutionism and describe God’s powerful creation in full accordance with the original intention of the Bible. But they do not use the scientific and experimental ways to explain the contents of creation and Noah flood recorded in Genesis.

Comment: we fully support this view. However, we are not passively resist evolutionism and the controversy of scientism, but we take the initiative attack to them, particularly in the fields of the ancient mysteries, and collect relative clues for the great changes of the nature during the great flood of Noah’s time and also gather the legends and literature left by ancient people who experienced those great changes, so that we may prove that the human history which were recorded in the Holy Bible are really true and accuracy. Then we can destroy evolutionism, extraterrestrialism, and scientism, and so we can help those who like to pursue the truth of life to get a real ideological liberation and they can seek for the truth from Jesus our Lord and the eternal life.

Reference: 《Scientific Creationism》 Christian Renewal Ministries (Brunswick, NJ, USA), 1979. 《Evolution: Nature and Scripture in Conflict? 》 Christian Renewal Ministries, 1984.

H. Moses wrote this article. The first edition in Chinese was published on June 28, 2007. The edition of translation was published on October 4, 2007.

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