Today both the scientific community and the religious group recognize the Big Bang theory, but they have different starting points. The first group seeks to find an explanation for the beginning of the natural world that has nothing to do with a divine being; the latter group seizes the fact that the Big Bang needed a cause of beginning. This explains that the first cause was God’s creation, but scientists who are atheists claim that such a Big Bang will be carried out continuously in cycles.

This means that after this universe goes into decline, another one will be born and the rebirth cycle goes on endlessly. We can say that ordinary people do not care much about this theory because this has no any affect in their daily life; however no matter what kind of explosion, they do not care for listening. Many forks and seekers have been deceived by this science-based myth. Plainly said, the Big Bang theory is a masterpiece of human pride and prejudice, it’s also the science community’s Emperor’s New Clothes, because it was concocted by well known authors through math, physics, and chemistry formulas. In fact, we can prove the theory as absurd through common sense and understanding of logical reasoning, it does not even require us to use the packaging of the theoretical science.

Here we use the common sense of the explosion to test the so-called Big Bang theory. An explosion must have energy detonating devices to go through the process and achieve results during a certain time of the explosion. First, let us ask where the Big Bang theory amassed its energy? Of course, the scientific community gives a very abstract explanation—the energy is compressed into to a very small volume of super-ability Big Bang. But they never say how it is generated. It is known today in manufacturing explosive devices that they need a visible and tangible material as the catalyst of the explosion. What is this material in the Big Bang and where did it come from? Second, let us ask what is the device that sets off the Big Bang? In other words, what caused the explosion of Big Bang? Monotheists assert that this is the work of God. The opposing scientists can not come up with an answer to rebuff this idea or they say that a previous explosion set off the Big Bang. From this we can reason that even if there was millions of billions of Big Bangs, there should be the initial Big Bang; what set off the first Big Bang? If we say that the universal Big Bang is a chain-cycle, is it on its own everlasting without a beginning? Or did it suddenly appear? If we say that it is a never ending cycle then it is a merciless attack on evolution because if it does not have a beginning or end then there is no need for evolution. Please note that when we ponder a cycle without a beginning or end, our own brains feel like having an explosion, because this is far beyond our imagination and thinking. If the universe had its own everlasting forces, all things would be subject to the power and influence as well, including humans. But the Bible tells us otherwise. It states that the everlasting power belongs to the Lord God; the meaning of His Name is everlasting God who came from Himself and controls everything forever.

Next let us look at the process of explosion, which is generating highly explosive material around the speed of proliferation. But in the physical material and under the influence of air resistance it would gradually slow down. There is a rule in the process of slowing down of explosion, so that you can use physics to calculate it and know that after slowing down the explosion cannot speed up again and so on. The spread of the explosion is proportional to the energy. What is the result of the explosion? It should be only destruction of the existing natural landscape and order. Because in the history of mankind, we never see crops and vegetation spring up after being shelled by artillery and bombs, nor do we see beautiful residential buildings emerge from the smoke of an atomic bomb. In contrast, bombs and explosions can destroy beautiful cities; likewise the Big Bang would not bring such a regular system of creation of the solar system and the Earth for human survival. There are so many laws of the nature that prove that the Big Bang is absurd. It is the fabricated myth of science made in the religion of scientism. If you do not believe so, we invite you to explore the article: Evolutionists and atheists can not answer a simple question.

Now we should wonder why the scientific myth that can’t stand up to logical scrutiny makes a big impact just like a great explosion. First, scientists use the abstract science to make many theories in the field where the mankind cannot get practical testifying; for example, the scientists who explore the vastness of the universe and astrophysics are unable to carry on the confirmed history of paleontology and ancient geology. Therefore the scientists who want to start something unorthodox set foot into the field where human beings never have a chance to do a test. Second, the media is hostile to ideas of a divine being. They do their best to promote the theories of evolutionism, atheism, humanism, and scientism. The core of these four theories is human pride and prejudice. The result of these teachings is the unlimited development of humans with impunity and crime. The world media affects the people’s minds and views of the world. So unknowingly, they have become blind followers of the theories. Third, the academic circles and the scientific community have developed a joint training of students. They teach the man-made theory of evolution and atheism and science to naïve students. This way, when students see respected scientists and hear of the Big Bang theory, they do not delve deeper to question the theory but unconsciously accept the theory. So they cannot wake up from the falsehoods by themselves.

Fourth, some scholars use scientific terms or equipment and artificial laboratory settings to present a theory that they cannot testify it in a real life. Big Bang scholars used the red-shift effect to illustrate that is the result of Big Bang. They say that the universe exploded billions of years ago. Why is the explosion still going on and spreading if the explosion is that old? This could just be the imagination of scientists. Another point of view is the human’s first atomic bomb. Is the process of explosion still going on? Indeed the titles of scientists and scientific terms may pack philosophical conclusion and religious belief into a theory of novelty and it is easy for the media to propagandize it. The majority of society welcomes the new theory. Therefore, modern science floods the world without constraint. Science lovers raise their heads to the theory, but average people just regard this as just more news to listen to.

Today, the Big Bang researchers spend huge amounts of human and financial resources to explore the dark matter of the universe and other substances that are not tangible but relating to visible matters of the world. However they have not found it and will never find it in the future. The Bible tells us that this is the spiritual world that opposes the physical world and embraces the entire universe and makes everything else function. Please browse our website to read the article: prevue spirit and soul, so that you may understand its mysteries. But many Christians do not fully believe in the soul and the spiritual world, they believe in scientific myths and limit the almighty of God’s creation to the scientific explanation.

If we carefully study the first eleven chapters of Genesis, especially the great changes before and after the great flood of Noah, we may see that the universe was not the same before and after the flood of Noah. Prior to the flood, high-altitude water moisture covered the entire Earth. The solar system today cannot bring enough heat or light transmission to the surface of the Earth. Therefore, before Noah’s flood, the planets surrounding earth gave much more light and were much closer to the earth .In other words, after Noah flood, the celestial bodies had changed a lot and moved far away from the earth (proliferation). If you carefully read the Old Testament of the Bible, you will see that God had caused multiple changes in the universe. Therefore, the ancient mankind (2000 to 5000 years ago) had regarded those who observed celestial phenomena and were sorcerers as national elite.

Finally, let us look at the explosion from a professional viewpoint of operatives. Today, explosions are associated with terrorism. After an explosion, police would arrive at the scene and carefully look at all the evidence to properly expose the truth. Now we have to go through historical practices and reality tests to see the so-called truths about the Big Bang. In real practice, we can see that the stars in the universe are still changing, but not the so-called “red-shift.” The naked eye can see meteors falling onto Earth’s atmosphere, why? Scientists have come up with the theory of gravity for explanation. But how did the Big Bang create gravity? We believe that scientists always try to find reasons to explain why and put them on paper, but they cannot be testified by a real practice. Let us look at the historical practice. We may use the myth of Hou Yi shooting down nine suns to challenge the myth of the Big Bang. Former myth expresses an inconceivable story on the great changes and the nature and the universe, it can be used to rebuff the fantasy of the Big Bang theory. In fact, the ancient myths are closer to the truth than the Big Bang. Friends, if you wish to explore the mysteries of the universe, please browse some thought provoking articles in the website of Mysteries.

H. Moses Sun wrote this article. The second edition in Chinese was published on February 15, 2009. The edition of translation was published on July 28, 2009.

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