We know that most of nations, nationalities, and tribes have the written words or pronunciations of spirit and soul. If someone says that there is no the existence of spirit and soul, why have the words of spirit and soul existed? And the words of spirit and soul are not new vocabulary brought about in the modern history, for we may trace the words back to the origins of human civilization. The word of spirit in the ancient Jewish language also has another two meanings: respiration (gas) and wind. What kind of relationship does that application relate to the culture of Qi (gas) and Qigong (a system of breathing exercises) associated with the ancient Chinese civilization?

We cannot see and touch spirit and soul, and both spirit and soul go together with each other. For example, when people die, the spirit-soul will leave the body; therefore, there is a phrase among the vocabulary of Chinese, saying “astral projection”. Therefore, the Chinese words and phrases of expressing spirit or soul or spirit-soul are richer than the western languages; these words also imperceptibly transferred the religious beliefs of the ancient peoples to modern people, so they used them to express their new faith or ideological concepts.

Truly speaking, the words of spirit, soul, and spirit-soul do not come from nothing; they are the language to describe the existence of facts. In ancient times of 3000 year ago, people, as it were, did believe the existence of spirit-soul; for they saw many specific phenomena associated with the spiritual world such as witchcraft, sorcery, ghosts divination, and the special functions of psychic and Qigong. However, since the ancient people alienated their relationships with God, and since the kingship authorities appeared and restricted the activities of witchcraft and the likes, and also since the philosophies got independence from religions and preferred its own development, most of people departed away from those special manifestations of the spiritual world. Thus, they changed the words of spirit-soul into a philosophical term and faded human perspective on the spiritual world.

When the time is in the age of Plato’s philosophy, although scholars did their studies on the relations between soul and body, but they had no relations with the true God and His controlled spiritual world. And then the core of the ancient religion and philosophy still focused on human souls (PSYCHO), but modern scholars changed such a profound knowledge into the simple psychology. Today, if we would like to study the ancient religions and the spiritual world, we must go through the dual perspectives for spirit-soul and psychology with understanding of the background of the ancient people, and then we can carry out an omnibearing survey on the spiritual world. Apart from the above-mentioned aspects of language studies, we may research on spirit-soul and the spiritual world through the relations between a flesh life and a spiritual heart, because a human spiritual heart (the combined term of spirit-soul and psychology) is the core of life shared by both the ancient people and modern people.

How does human spirit-soul exist? Though people can not see their spirit-soul, they may feel the functions of their spirit-soul in their lives. First, human eyes are the windows of their spirit-soul, you may look at a mirror, or look at other people’s eyes; this does not mean to see the appearance of eyes, but look through pupils for seeing something inside. In particular, when two pairs of eyes are crossing with each other, you will find that many people have to dodge. Secondly, spirit-soul displays their existence from human emotions. Because animals do not have spirit but only their own souls, they have less complicated feelings and emotions than those of human beings. Furthermore, people’s wisdom and ability come from their spirit-soul which enables them to manage the Nature and to create productions for their daily lives.

In addition, “Qi (gas)” is the existing entity closely associated with spirit-soul. However, while we recognize the existence of gas, but in fact we do not see it; and we only feel it from the air and our breath. Therefore, we must study the existence of spirit-soul with the knowledge of the traditional Chinese medical science and Qigong. Similarly, the special functions of psychic and Qigong combined with human Qi field (looks like invisible electromagnetic field) and strange phenomena of demon and ghost can give us some kind of enlightenment for exploring the spiritual world.

Today, among Christians who hold the Bible with their hands, there are many believers do not believe the existence of spirit-soul; because they regard God only as supernatural power, and only accepted the love of the Lord Jesus, but they fail to recognize that the Holy Spirit can lead their spirit-soul to renew their lives. Maybe some believers say that they believe the existence of their spirit-soul, but do not believe all kinds of the manifestations of the spiritual world. Therefore, they do not fear of God with their non-integrated faith or small faith, and do not obey completely the teachings of the Lord Jesus, and thus they could not fully believe the authenticity of each word in the Bible.

H. Moses Sun wrote this article. The second edition in Chinese was published on July 30, 2007. The edition of translation was published on July 30, 2007.

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