Friend, while we carry on the great discussion at the site of Exposing Mysteries, we should firstly bring up questions in accordance with logical thinking; and then we may develop our research and discussion, instead of stopping in a dead end or walking in a circle at one place. The photo in left side has its own problem, can animal read human books? If they do not understand but raise wrong questions or deny logical thinking, it may be a question to make people both funny and annoy. Here, let us analyze questions in problem or arguments in contradiction from four aspects, and then we may sum up some matters need attention for raising questions.

Can God create a huge rock that He cannot move with? In fact, those who have such an opinion just make God being personified in their thinking and use human ability and imagination to limit God’s almighty, so that they may enable others to believe that God in the Bible has His insufficiency in power. However, their view is in inherent contradictory and leads people to enter a dead end; because if God created a rock He cannot move, He is not God. Furthermore, they have a wrong view towards God’s creation and control with His almighty and they never know the creation of God is totally different from human creation; because human beings use visible things to create others thing without life, but God uses invisible mysteries of the spiritual world to create life and universe with its laws as well as all things.

There is another point of view: If God created man, who created God? This is a manner of flannelling, and people always repeat questions in a circle without conclusions. When we observe the nature and life and human society, we will know that there are times of beginning and ending for this visible material world. Thinking of universe and all things, there are also times of beginning, and there must be one Creator outside universe and times. As long as we use the method of analyzing the relations between orders and chaos, we can know how wonderful the orders of the nature are, and they must be created and controlled by a mighty God. Talking about the spiritual world without human concept of time, there must be a mighty Creator who started the initial existence and develop other existences in consequence. Truly to say, universe with all things and the spiritual world could not come into being without causal relations of the first existence.

Since God is spirit, how did the spiritual world emerge? In studying the Bible, we may find some questions without answers in the Bible. In fact, we as flesh beings cannot understand or do not need to understand those questions, because God gave us the way, the truth, and the life for leading us to have wonderful life relationships with Him. Therefore, so long as we believe in Jesus and make our repentance, we can get the rebirth and the new life in the Lord with the help of the Bible truth and the Holy Spirit. Apostle Paul said, “Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” (1 Corinthians 13:12) If we carefully read Paul’s letters, we may know that God gave Paul the inspiration that ordinary people cannot get, but he still recognized that he had the limited knowledge, and believed he could know fully when he would meet Jesus. Therefore, it is not necessary for us now to waste our minds and energy to discuss some mysteries of the Kingdom of God which could not be understand, but we should seek the truth and the life of our Lord Jesus, and explore the ancient mysteries happened on earth.

When we discuss the biological evolution with evolutionists, they often show up their argument: all things are possible if there are enough times. The enough times do not mean 20 billion years, and thousands of billions of years are not enough, so it mean the infinite quantity of time. Truly to say, those who have such an idea use this excuse purposely to escape from the reality of the problem. Here, let us look at a hypothetical example, if a very simple biological or chemical experiment needs two years to complete, who is willing to do this experiment?

Therefore, when we raise questions, firstly we should understand the logical analysis relating to a question and its target. For example, when we explore the origins of the mankind and the nature and the spiritual world, we must use specific logic thinking to ask questions. If we use the method of seeing facts and believing them with our eyes, it is impossible for us to explore the mystery. Secondly, if we do not understand the contents for discussion, we should not express our views in such a hurry way, but have a humble heart to learn and to think so as to find out the wrong perspective from our methods of thinking. Further, we will continue enlarging our range of vision and increasing the correct knowledge, while at the same time we discard misconception and false knowledge. Moreover, when we consider the arguments about theism and atheism, we must firstly put the concepts of theism and atheism aside and stand on a neutral stance for exploring mysteries. Finally, we should also recognize the limited capacity of human understanding, because we have many difficult subjects we cannot understand and research by looking at the mysteries of the nature and the ancient times. But when we stop flannelling in a moonshiny argument and explore those mysteries through historical practice and current practice, and are willing to accept the challenge from the mysteries for renewing our worldviews and methods of thinking, then we can find the correct way towards the true wisdom and the absolute truth.

H. Moses Sun wrote this article. The third edition in Chinese was published on June 17, 2006. The edition of translation was published on February 17, 2007.

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