Thank God for His grace! Our speakers are very pleased to authorize Living in Jesus Ministries to use their teachings of audios and videos, so that they may spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus with us. May God bless their families and ministries.

Pastor John Zhao: was born in Taiwan. He got Master of Video and Film at Columbia College, Chicago. Afterwards, and then God called him to preach the gospel of Christ for His salvation upon peoples. He studied at the Moody Bible College, Trinity Theological Seminary, and then Grace theological school; he earned the Doctor of Pastoral Studies. With the ambition of “mainly winning all the minds of the people for the Lord”, he had been pastored churches in the Midwest of United States for 18 years. Now he is serving at the ministry of “Guiding Word”. In recent years, he has led lectures, professorship training courses, marriage camps, revival meetings and evangelistic meetings in Asia and North America.

Grace Zhao, the wife of pastor Zhao was from Taiwan. She Received theological equipment at the Moody Bible College. She served as a teacher in the church for a long time. After seeing the lack of counseling resources based on “the truth is the foundation and the gospel as the core” in the church, She and several co-workers with common visions founded the ministry of Guiding Word( 2007 under the influence and leadership of God. Nowadays, she often works with the pastor to lead the seminars and counseling training courses based on truth.


Pastor Zukun Zhuang and his wife Zhenguang Liu-Zhuang: Born in Taiwan, graduated from National Taiwan University and then married. Pastor Zhuang has served in the chemical industry in Taiwan for fifteen years; he has come to the United States for two times. Pastor Zhuang received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University in 1983. In 1995, he received a Ph.D. in cultural studies (also known as mission studies) from the Trinity Theological Seminary in Chicago. Zhenguang Liu-Zhuang also obtained a master’s degree in religion study from Trinity Theological Seminary.

They were then invited to pastor a church in Boston, Massachusetts, USA; they are currently the pastor of the Boston Truth Church. In addition to being invited to lead the evangelistic meeting, the evangelical camp and the annual meeting of the mission, Pastor Zhuang also teaches courses related to Mission Studies in several Southeast Asian Chinese seminaries.

In 2002, Zhuang pastor and his wife set up the T. K. & True Light Ministry ( to record their sermons and interpretations and various lectures into MP3 materials to serve Chinese churches at home and abroad. Pastor Zhuang is the author of “Compatible and Transformation: Christianity and the Renewal of Chinese Culture” and “History of Missionary”, “Theology of Mission” and “Mission and Culture”, and more writings.


Pastor Chuanzhang Liu: his parents were native of Shandong, China, but he was born and grew up in South Korea. When he was 19 years old, he believed in the Lord’s salvation, and he was called to serve God’s kingdom. Firstly, he went to Hong Kong to study theology and then he went to Taiwan to participate in the ministry of the church. There, Pastor Liu met and married his wife.

Later, at the same time along his pastoral ministries, he studied at four seminaries and obtained bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. Pastor Liu has served in the pastoral ministries of South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States for nearly sixty years.

In 2014, Pastor Liu continued to serve the kingdom of God after retiring from the Chinese Bible Church in Maryland, and to preach the truth of God in many places. His wife and he serve God together and teach how to deal with the relations between husband and wife and how to raise children.


Pastor Laichang Kang: Born in Taiwan in 1949. In 1989 he received his doctorate in PhD of Theology from the University of Vanderbilt in the United States. From 1989 to 1995, Pastor Kang was appointed as the Academic Dean of the Chinese Evangelical Theological Seminary in Taiwan and served as a professor at the Chinese Evangelical Theological Seminary in Taiwan. He is also a pastor of the Chinese Christian Presbyterian Church in Taipei.

Although Pastor Laichang Kang has retired, he is still invited to preach in Taiwan and around the world. His books include: “Song of Well”, “When the Cross Became Crusaders”, “The Last Temptation of Christians”, “Where comes Joys”, and “The Wandering God”.


Sister Mary: she and Preacher Brother Moses have served in the kingdom of God as husband and wife working together for decades. Thank God for giving her a good voice and the gift of editing gospel programs; and her love and the gift of listening and coaching enabled her to communicate well with the audience and help them get closer to the Lord Jesus.

Sister Mary has accumulated experience in editing and hosting the lectures of marriage and family issues, and she has produced and hosted a program for Mary Expressing Her Thoughts with women’s view. Sister Mary and Brother Moses raised two children; they all studied computer science, helping the ministry of Living in Jesus by designing web pages and solving technical problems encountered.

Sister Mary and Brother Moses have thanked God for calling and leading them, and they also thanked the audience for their support and intercession. They wished to serve God’s kingdom in their lives until the day they meet the Lord.