Introduction to the ministry of Preacher Hong Moses Sun:

He was born again in March 1991 and began to study a theological course in April.
From July 1993 to August 1996, he studied at a theological seminary in Missouri, USA, and obtained a master’s degree of Divinity.
From October 1996 to May 2001, as a missionary assistant for Asia Pacific Media Ministries, he recorded series of programs such as Jesus Truth, Night Meditation, and Soul World in Manila, Palau and Guam.
From August 2001 to May 2018, he was an announcer at the Chinese Department of Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN) in North Carolina, USA, doing gospel radio broadcast via the Internet. During that period, he produced a Weekly Song program, and also translated and recorded the Magical Creation program. In addition, I also hosted the Pastor’s Words and the Conference Pulpit programs.
In February 2006, he established the website of Exposing Mysteries, and he posted nearly 300 articles and more than 500 short devotional messages.
In July 2018, he has continued his preaching the gospel through the Internet at Living in Jesus Ministries in North Carolina, and began editing and recording series of programs such as Jesus Truth, Meditation on the Paradise, and Follow Jesus’ example.
Moses and his wife Mary Sun are now the members of The Charlotte Grace One Christ Church located at the southern suburban of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

The life Witness of Brother Moses:

I was born in Beijing in the last century, where I experienced the years from childhood to adulthood in the changing times of society. There, I studied political theory at Renmin University of China and obtained a bachelor’s degree in law. Later, in March 1989, I went to Japan to study abroad at my own expense and studied international relations as a graduate student at University of Tokyo. During my stay in Japan, I began to go to the Christian Church to seek faith in my spiritual needs. Although I raised my hand to express my belief in the Lord, I was only a religious believer without the new life and still lived in sin.
In order to become a ritual believer by accepting the water baptism, I returned to the Chinese church; and accepted the baptism in the morning of the church retreat on March 21, 1991. Thank God! When preparing to return home after dinner, some brothers and sisters proposed to pray for a while. During that time, I opened my heart to God, I saw that my past sins were popup life sliding shows before my sight. Then I silently appealed to God for giving me a new life. The faithful God instantly embraced me through the Holy Spirit, making me feel hot and my heart filled with joy. In the returning train, I began to pity the Japanese who are richer than Chinese: if they don’t believe in the Lord Jesus, their life is nothing but a phantom of the void. Later, I knew that it was that moment when I asked God was the time of my rebirth.
During the following Sunday worship, the Holy Spirit continued to work on me, moving me to abandon my life plan and goals, and calling me to be a full-time preacher, and to preach the gospel to my country people. So, under the guidance of the church pastor, I began to listen to a theological course as an auditor. During my ministry with the Chinese church, some questions poured into my mind: What is the reason for people to come to the church? It seems that they ask God to help them solve the problems they encounter in a real life; the people who get the helps are mostly no longer coming, and the people who do not get helps naturally do not come. So how do guide them to really believe and follow the Lord Jesus? With these questions, in the summer of 1993, I went with my wife to a theological seminary in Missouri, USA, to continue my studies.
Theological seminaries in the western world are also a place for spiritual warfare: some people come to study for a career, some people become about on God after their studies, and some people will eventually change to other careers. I thought that I would be encouraged and get spiritually cared from the seminary; but apart from politeness and smile, there was no active spiritual fellowships among the students and even between the teachers and students. Thank God! The Chinese church pastor suggested that I might translate the footnotes and commentary on the Gospel of John in the book of an English Bible study. Besides my graduate studies, I spent a few months for studying and translating the notes, and my heart was filled with the words of God. More importantly, I set the direction for my future ministries: to preach the truth of the Lord Jesus rather than religious information. As a result, the questions in my heart got the answer: if people are not born again with the help of Jesus Truth and the Holy Spirit, their false beliefs are not essentially different from the world. To this end, I began to explore how to use Jesus Truth to solve the problems that believers and churches often face. In addition, in order to effectively preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus, I also collected information for studying the creation of God and the mystery of the ages, as well as the errors of evolution, atheism and scientism; since many Chinese friends often ask such questions in those aspects.
On March 21, 1996, Before I graduated from the seminary, God who work all things together open the ministry of the gospel broadcast for me; and I was also convinced that that was a call from God, which can be easily transmitted the Gospel directly to the people in China through radio waves. After completing three years of intense studies and earning a master’s degree of divinity, I left USA with my wife and child at the end of September and went to Manila for training in recording programs. Then in mid-November we finally reached Palau/Belau, a Pacific island nation in the northern side of the equator, and began serving on a Christian shortwave radio station. However, the head of Christian radio ministry, just for getting money in order to solve the financial problems, began to broadcast political programs produced by the Radio Free Asia funded by the United States. I strongly oppose that action (see the Los Angeles Times A4 page on January 12, 1997 for details); and left Palau in the summer of 1997. The faithful God opened the way again, bringing our family to Guam and we continued recording the gospel program there.
In April 2000, since the whole family did not adapt to the tropical climate and became sick always, we returned to Beijing to recover our physicals and to look for the way God led my ministry ahead. In May 2001, the ministry supervisor recommended that we would come back to the Philippines to carry out the gospel ministry among the Chinese there. But we still want to try the possibility of doing my gospel ministry in China. Therefore, we bid farewell to the ministry of the Asia-Pacific media ministry. After that, although I tried to have my writings of Gospel books published in Beijing through various efforts, God did not open the door for us.
Thank God! He continued to call us to commit to the gospel radio, and in a few months, He led our family to North Carolina, to participate in the Chinese ministry of Bible Broadcasting Network, and to spread the gospel to the people in China and around the world by the Internet. In the past seventeen years, my wife and I, with our ministries, not only received professional training and using of new media to interact with the audience, but also continued to equip the Bible truth through the edited and produced programs.
However, even in some gospel organizations, there is still a contradiction between false lies and integrity. At the end we had to leave by paying the price of telling the truth. Thank God! At that moment, we clearly understand God’s leading: let us no longer be surrounded and exhausted by negative impact; and then we can continue to carry out the gospel ministry God had anointed us to do in a gospel institution that can tell the truth of Jesus without any hindrance. Thus, we can serve God’s kingdom through audio / video programs and Christian literature.
Looking back on the gospel broadcasts of the past two decades, we understand that God wants us to be a humble and selfish-denied servant in the image of the Lord, and to fully preach the truth of Jesus with the fear of God. Looking forward to the next decade and thirty years, we expect to complete all the recordings and video programs for explaining the truth of Jesus, including the new life theory of the Lord in the core of Jesus’ truth. We also hope that we might work out the basic contents of the systematical Bible studies.
Living in Jesus Ministries does not belong to any denomination. We are willing to transcend the gap between the different theologies and doctrines for studying the biblical truth with the various denominational or non-denominational biblical scholars who agree with the basic truth of our faith. We would like to concern any different explanations and criticisms with the tolerance of love so that we can better understand and preach the truth of Jesus.
Here, we ask you to pray for Brother Moses and Living in Jesus Ministries, asking God to give us heavenly wisdom and ability, to carry the cross for following the Lord Jesus, to experience the rich new life in the Lord, and to preach the true Word of God without fear until the day of seeing the Lord.