Introduction of Living in Jesus Ministries

Mission of the Ministries: We use advanced media tools on the Internet to explain all the teachings and doings of the Lord Jesus; guide the seekers to establish a life relationship with the Lord Jesus correctly, and help believers to experience a rich new life in the Lord Jesus, and bear good fruits to glorify God.


Methods of the Ministries: We provide systematic Bible lectures for the audience to understand the truth of Jesus and the new life in the Lord, so as to follow the Lord’s example. At the same time, we interact with listeners and readers, especially in China, through convenient social communication media, answering their questions and helping them pursue the way, truth and life of the Lord Jesus.


The contents of the Ministries: We not only teach the Bible, but also explore the issues of faith and the questions that believers often encounter from all aspects of life and of the world, so that the audience and readers can fully understand the Bible and get deeper of knowing the Lord Jesus.


Principle of the Ministries: We are willing to go over the differences between denominations and doctrines for making friendly discussion on the major issues / topics with believers who hold the same Faith Statement. We, with a humble heart, would like to accept the corrections and help from the body of Jesus Christ for explaining the truth of Jesus better and more accurately.