The Faith Statement of Living in Jesus Ministries

We believe in the Bible. The Word of God is the sole authority of Christian faith and behavior. We believe that the original text of the Bible is the revelation of the Spirit of God to His chosen writers, they finished their writings according to God’s will and guidance through the mutual effectiveness of all things controlled by God. Therefore, the Bible is the authority of God, and is error-free.

We believe in the true God who created heaven and earth. We believe in the true God of the Trinity; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit have three persons equally and the same divinity.

We believe in the divinity of Christ Jesus. He is born of a virgin, his death, being buried, the resurrection of the body on the third day, and glory in the right hand of God, and he will come to the earth again to rule everything in the future.

We believe in the existence of Satan, the fall of man, and the sinful nature.

We believe that our Lord and Savior Jesus will be our salvation with his blood and his death. Jesus is the only way to give people the new life in the Lord and the eternal life with the Father. We believe that only those who are born again from God can enter the kingdom of God.

We believe in the return and final judgment of Jesus Christ; those who are born again and saved will rise to the eternal life and enjoy the blessings of heaven, and those who are not born again will be resurrected into hell and eternal punishment.

We believe in the Great Commission commanded by the Lord Jesus; he commands all who believe in Him to go to all parts of the world, to pass the gospel to all, to baptize those who believe, and to teach them to obey all the teachings of the Lord Jesus.